Dryline (Working title)

Developer: Limbic Entertainment / Subiculum Interactive GmbH

Publisher: Tate Multimedia

Genre: Single Player Open-World Action Adventure
Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Development started: 2016
Status: Cancelled

Game description:

In a post-apocalyptic world, our hero awakens. His arm has mutated, giving him new abilities. As the hero wanders the wasteland in search of answers, old memories from his past awaken. Along the way he encounters bandit gangs, finds friends as well as enemies in the run-down shacks of villages, still searching for the truth.


My responsibilities:

Design of quest hubs in post apocalyptic settlements / Blockout, Testing, Art implementation, Set dressing, Lighting,  Polish

Landscape Creation / In world machine and UE4, Attention to Vistas

Modular Set Creation with the art department, prototyping ruins

Performance Optimization / Setting up LODs, Polygon count checks, Lighting