Memories of Mars

Developer: Limbic Entertainment / Subiculum Interactive GmbH

Publisher: 505 Games

Genre: Online Open-World Sci-fi Survival Shooter
Game Engine: First Unity3d, then switch to Unreal Engine 4
Development started: 2014
Status: Early-Access Release 2018, Full Release 2020
Memories of Mars

Game description:

MEMORIES OF MARS is an open world survival game set on the abandoned mining operations in Mars. Explore the unforgiving Martian terrain and build a habitable homestead while fighting off enemies, extreme conditions and other clone survivors.


My responsibilities:

Design of big and small hotspots / Blockout, Testing, Art implementation, Set dressing, Polish

Design of World Map / Distribution of special biomes, landmarks, hotspots and resources

Landscape Creation / Procedural landscape creation in Unity, later manual creation in world machine and UE4, Attention to Vistas

Modular Set Creation with the art department, prototyping buildings

Organisation of in-house testsessions / Observation and Survey, Update Design

Technical level optimization / Created guides for performance optimization and level streaming

Orientation and guidance / Landmarks, Lighting, Pickup and Enemy Placement, Landscape Sculpting and Decoration Placement

Point of Contact for LD related questions / Working closely with Art, Tech and Game Design Department during all parts of development

Supporting and coaching new LDs

Analysis / Competitor Analysis, Reviewing design flaws, Redesign concept after engine switch, Landscape type analysis of its effects on game play